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Green Cat Stair Project

11.0 Seed Beads,
Bugle Beads,
0,30mm Fishing Line (I’ m not sure what do you call this in English, but in Turkish we call that thread as Fishing Line)

To become more meaningful, I have done the first part of the Project as you see in the Figure2. Project begins with stringing a seed bead, a bugle bead and then again a seed bead, a bugle bead. Next, samae as Step3 Cross your Fishing Line through the seed in Figure4

String a seed bead and a bugle bead.


Cross your Fishing Line through the seed bead (the red circled) as in Figure4.

Pull the fishing line until the beads are snug.

Repeat the steps 2-3-4 until you reached the desired length (earring or necklace).

Ottoman BeadWork Project

I saw that you guys were asking me about the Osmanli Jewellery so I decided to show you on this video clip(it' s in Turkish). The part that I am going to show you how to do is the chain part of the necklace, that was the part that you were all curious about.

The materials that you will need are crystal beads(which are the bigger round beads),some of the smaller beads as you can see in the video, and of course the fishline for the string of the necklace.If you have a fishline that is a little bit thicker that would work better. I am going to show you a small part of it and when you are making it, you can adjust it to your own neck. Take one of the small beads and ut the fishingline through it,then the bigger bead called the crysal bead.Then,add 3 more of the smaller beads. Tilt the fishing line to the left and once the beads are to the left side tie the shorter part of the string up because you are going to end up burning that part anyways because it isn't needed.Tie 2 knots to make sure that it is really secure in place.

Then,you add 3 of the smaller beads again and then add the crystal bead.Then put the first line of string that you made through the last one that you have done as shown on the video.Then add 3 more of the small beads and then again the crystal bead.It will always be 3 small and one crystal ,you will do this process through out the whole thing.

Once again you put the new line of string that you made through the last one that was made.
In this step you will repeat the last step because it is practically the same step like I mentioned, it is the same process through out the whole necklace.
As you can see once you repeat this step a few times, you will see the pattern and shape that we are trying to achieve. You will see the necklace developing as you go on.
I would like to thank you all very much and I hope this video helped you guys up a bit. In the future I would like to show you more examples of the jewellery and handcrafts that I make so check the website regularly and send me comments or questions that you have and I will help you out as much as I can.





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